Soundtrack built for alcoves

Sound performance 
sound pieces and spoken word mixed live

Friday Music Session, V and A Dundee.

this is a soundtrack built for alcoves
it is a soundtrack of a crevice of a static rock
it is a soundtrack of a cloud which levitates just above a streamlet
it is a soundtrack of possibilities of colour
times unrelated to what we know
unrealted to now
and at the same time all about now
a created time which is new and moving
we listen anew and in each moment we are birthed
each new now happens as you
stand on one side and look over to the other
where you are is anywhere
open and shapeless
when you stand on the other side
which you look at now
it too is anywhere
it was when the sunlight was different
warm and delectable
your composition of green and blue has changed 
and yet it is rooted in the ground 
which you stand on now
and now the sun
its warmness intensifies
there’s the juicy water in the corner of the hyper grass
we suppose it to grow and grow into lushness
we expect its green again and again
its millions of hues live with us in subconscious bliss
as you look into what could be anywhere
you are comforted by a lushness of yearning and growing green
unnameable and wild
to others and for others this green lives in different moments
in different lengths and different nows
it lives in a moment of sunlight
or a long slow steady breath
or a word spoken too quickly
and no measure of a momentis better than another 
or is an optimum
moments belong to everyone
just as a trillion hues of green live with us everyday
stand on one side and look over to the other
a sountrack built for corners is about listening to anything or nothing
and feeling anything or nothing
words may mean something poignant or they can become a medidtative abstraction